« ESG Challenges and Impacts for the Future of Defense Industry »

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Dans le cadre des e-IDEAS by Coges EVENTS, des e-conférences dédiées aux sujets de défense et de sécurité, 3AED-IHEDN a eu l’opportunité de co-organiser l’événement « ESG Challenges and Impacts for the Future of Defense Industry ».

Covid Pandemic focused public attention on their domestic resilience and the unexpected weakness of globalized supply chain. In addition, the rise of high-intensity conflicts throughout the world together with the use of hybrid means and weapons seems to blur the perception of a peaceful future.

However, Climate change, ESG principles, sustainable finance and private regulations have a growing impact on this “Maslow’s pyramid » first stages (physiologic and safety needs).

Therefore, under which condition could ESG be an opportunity for Defense Industry?

Main Points:

  • What ESG challenges Defense Industry is currently facing?
  • Is ESG regulation an additional burden for Defense Industry or an opportunity to grow and expand?
  • What kind of contradiction do you anticipate between operational efficiency and ESG compliance?
  • Which rules should be put in place for green bonds, sustainable financial product, and other financial products to enclose and support Defense industry firms meeting ESG requirements?


  • Léa BENASSEM–DURIEUX, Conferences Manager, COGES Events
  • Valérie BERTHEAU, President, 3AED-IHEDN


Organisateurs :